Relaxing with the boy

So my two oldest children had dentist appointments last week and then my two youngest had their appointments today.  We are in and out of the dentist office in 45 minutes.  I check one into school late and me and the other go home to a list of chores awaiting me.  The list includes:  fold laundry, what’s for dinner?, fold laundry, take posters off homeschool wall, fold laundry, clean kid’s bathroom, fold laundry, organize recipes, and.. oh yeah, fold laundry.

I have been working hard these past 6 months to break my bad habit of washing laundry and then just leaving the pile on the floor in my room.  I am not sure why I do half the job but have no desire to finish it.  I don’t like folding clothes!  I despise folding clothes!  I loathe folding clothes!  I am the kind of person who can recognize the qualities in myself that are not condusive (like my big word?) to growth and work to better myself so that my family can be blessed by me.  A huge pile of unfolded clothes is not a blessing to my family.  I’ve been doing great with my laundry until this weekend.  I was to fold the last few loads on Thursday last week but let it go and continued to wash and dry and pile through Friday, then Saturday and finally on Monday finished the dirty clothes again.

This is what awaited me this morning and was written down on my to-do list more than once.

And this is what I ended up doing…

Mere minutes after getting in from the dentist, I change into comfy clothes and plop down on my bed to play on my IPad.  Mindless entertainment but quality time with my youngest.  Well, maybe not quality but definately relaxing.

After coming out of my mindless entertainment fog, I look over at the clock and realize it is almost noon and I’ve done nothing on my list, especially not folding my laundry.  Now being a mama to boys, I have gotten into the habit of making chores a game to beat the clock.  I got him out of my bed and made it so I would have a place to put the folded laundry.  I then told myself that I had to get it done before 12:30 because I would not allow myself to eat lunch until it was done.

Took me 40 minutes but I finished the beast.

45 minutes didn’t kill me so why oh why do I despise folding laundry so much.  It is a question that I don’t believe will ever be answered.  But it sure does look like I worked hard all day today by the size of those piles doesn’t it.

Now off to eat lunch!



3 thoughts on “Relaxing with the boy

  1. To say I dislike laundry would be an understatement. Frank decided to start paying Emma $10.00 a week to do the laundry. She does an excellent job! Brady said he enjoys all the clean underware he didnt have when I was doing the laundry.

    When Frank lost his job Emma refused to take any more money but she continues to faithfully do the laundry. Frank and I agreed that when he is working again we will do something special for this very special daughter God has so lovingly blessed us with.

  2. Tara, you are not alone. I love doing laundry, but hate, hate, hate folding it!!! I remember for a short while I was was really doing well with washing, folding and putting it away… John even complimented me. You would thing that would have encouraged me to continue. I’m not sure why I stopped??? My daughter is just the opposite she washes, folds, and puts away… she must have gotten that from her daddy… Oh, I would have plopped on the bed with my iPad too… Didn’t know you blogged. Enjoyed your blog today… it’s making me smile… Love ya!!!

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