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a little @ downtown







Inside the Old Court House and Post Office

So Tina and I thought we would just walk around Main Street and take outside pictures… until we were invited inside the Old Court House to take as many pictures as we wanted!  Yay for us!


You step inside the lobby and you step back in time.



The glory days of Rock Hill.



These are just the details in the post office!


The stairs leading up to the court room.


Behind the Judge’s bench.


No one adds these details to anything these days.  I am so glad it was preserved here.


A chandelier and the detailed ceiling in the court room. I actually laid myself out on the floor to get pictures of the ceiling.  incredible!


Y’all, this was the court room!  It was amazing!


The old prosecution/defendant table with the judge’s bench and witness stand in the distance.  It was so “Perry Mason” ish!  We spent a long time in this room taking pictures of every detail and wondering why they thought to build a new court house when this one is so very incredible!

Old Cotton Warehouse


After the Civil War, the land around Rock Hill, SC was filled with cotton but had no industry to convert the raw cotton to fabric.  In 1881, the Cotton Factory was built and the railroad soon followed.  Rock Hill’s population jumped from 800 in 1880 to 5500 in 1895.  The Mill ceased production in 1967 but there are still sites standing that can take you back in time.


When left to its own devices, nature will take back what was once its own.


I love when nature and industry meet.



Historic Brattonsville

The county I live in (York County, SC) has a TON of history and Brattonsville is just one of those historical sites. This is a 775 Acre Revolutionary War, living history site.  225 years ago, the Battle of Huck’s Defeat was waged on the Bratton Plantation. The plantation was also used in the filming of the Revolutionary War movie, The Patriot with Mel Gibson.





Jeanne taking her pictures.  We made it through the main house before the rain came down and we hunkered down in the barn until it let up.




Since we were the only visitors on site, we sort of snuck past the “Do Not Enter” barriers to get to the attic.  =)





Shot taken from the attic down to the main floor.


We actually stepped over a few barriers to get some pictures.  =)











Riverwalk: Rock Hill, SC

I am finally getting around to the hundreds of pictures I have been taking on my “photographic field trips”.  My friend, Tina and I made a trip to Riverwalk but instead of walking the trail, we turned the other way.


This is the old pump house for the river and I fell in love with the rust and broken windows!


I love how nature is taking this site back over.








I photographed a family out here this past weekend among all that rusted glory!  The pictures were fabulous!

From the Inside Out

I have been taking little “photography field trip” with a couple of friends and found a pattern to a lot of my pictures…  from the inside looking out.

The first three were taken from the old court house in downtown Rock Hill, SC.




The rest were taken at Historic Brattonsville (a Revolutionary War site).