I don’t do this enough!

My two youngest were sick all day Sunday so on Monday I decided to keep the older one home from school just to get a little time and distance from his fever before he goes back to school.  Of course he felt fine so the three of us went outside to chill.  They played and I snapped pictures.  I love watching the interaction that takes place between each other and between them and the dogs.

He was having the dogs chase him around the shop.  That lasted 2 laps before they decided to stop and wait for him to come around to them.

This is Cody, one of my garden destroyers!  Still love him though! His pit bull side gets a bad wrap but he is a very loving dog.

This precious monster is Twix.  I could stare into his eyes all day if he would let me.  I love the color.  He has to be prodded to run around, he is my lazy dog.

The thing I love about kids is that their attention lasts all of 3 minutes.  We then moved on to the trampoline.

“Watch me, Mama.  Take a picture of this, Mama.  Did you see that, Mama? Want me to do it again, Mama?”

I should do this more often.



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