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Summer Garden becomes Fall Garden

My bell peppers were late bloomers and therefore are still producing for me.

So besides my 4 pepper plants, I dug everything else up, tilled the raised beds and added 6 huge bags of manure… =)  thought a few of you would love that!

So far my 12 cucumber plants are taking off pretty quick.  I know 12.. what was I thinking.. well I will tell you what I was thinking… I love giving my vegetables away to neighbors and friends cause you can not know what it is like to hand someone a fresh vegetable.. you would have thought I gave them a $10 bill they think it is so precious.. so I will be giving a ton away.

One of my other raised beds is housing Collards, Lettuce, Rutabaga and Turnips.  While my 3rd bed is empty waiting for January when I will plant potatoes cause that will just be fun and who doesn’t like potatoes.

Now I can’t have my camera outside without taking every imaginable picture in every imaginable angle.  Just cause it makes me happy.  It’s green and I love anything green!

And well if I am going to take a picture I got to get my face all up in there cause I love the details!

Now I have said this before but there is a breed of humans who, like me, are experiencing heart palpatations because of the close-ups of these pictures.  Then there are the others, like my husband who just look at me strangly wondering why I waste my time cause who cares.  **raising my hand high***  “I care!”  I love close ups!

I was reading a blog today and if I can figure out where I was I will give credit where it is due and put a link here but in that post he was explaining that there is just something about the details of things that make you slow down and really appreciate what is around you.  Obviously you can do that with panaramic, scenic pictures but very few people take the time to see the details and then fall in love with the creation.  (Just my ramblings so ignore me if you need to!)


The Cucumbers have arrived!

We have had a few thunderstorms here over the last few days.  Just those ones that come and go but pour out the water.  I was out in the garden 3 days ago and picked everything that was ready and noticed some cucumbers that would be ready soon and left them to continue growing.  The rain has kept me from having to water the garden and so I ventured out this evening to take a look at the progress of things and was a little amazed at the quantity of cucumbers ready for harvesting.

Princess worked on the green beans and waxed beans.

Big Man decided to guide me around to all the stuff ready for pickin.

Take a look at what we were able to get today.

Squash are still producing but at a much slower rate.

My first green pepper was able to be picked.

And here is most of the beans Princess was able to get.

Now because we are a family of 7 and not 37, we bagged up the cucumbers (3 to a bag) and went around our neighborhood blessing others with our harvest.  3 of my 4 went with me because they love giving it away as much as I do.  They would grab a bag and race to the next house and ring the bell and explain the gift and rush back to grab another one.  Too much fun!

Garden Update Part 2

The tomatoes are growing rapidly now and I need to pick a few of those large ones and grill some green tomatoes… mmmmmm

My herbs were not doing well out in the garden and a little bit of a bother to walk down the back of the house to the side and snip herbs for dinner.  So,I transplanted the ones that I had and then went to the Farmer’s Exchange and got some more herbs I really wanted and put them in pots and have them on the back deck.


Cilantro and Basil





Update on my garden

My first year at gardening has been very productive so far.  Take a look.

Green Beans are just now starting to mature.

My cucumbers are growing rapidly now and we are starting to give those away cause we can not eat all this food.

Um, yeah, I’m not sure.

Squash are still producing just slowing down a bit.  We have given away a couple dozen already.

My green peppers are starting to show promise too.

So I was weeding and watering yesterday and then took pictures and found a friend to keep my company.

the garden is producing! the garden is producing!

Okay for you veteran gardeners out there ignore me.  But for you novice gardeners, you remember the excitement of the first vegetables that could finally be picked from your garden.  A little excitement here yesterday.

We planted our tomatoes in Topsy Turvy planters.  We started this last year and had such a great crop of tomatoes that we did it again.  It saves space in the garden for other vegetables and they make beautiful hanging plants on our back deck.  So if you don’t have a garden or want more room in your garden, I HIGHLY recommend Topsy Turvy planters.  I think my father-in-law found them at Big Lots for $1.50.  You can grab them now and a couple of bags of potting soil and have late summer tomatoes.  It’s never too late!  Go! Go! Go!

I will be making Chicken Spaghetti for dinner tomorrow night and I do believe we will be having Fried Green Tomatoes.  I’ll post that recipe and pictures here so if you’ve never had the pleasure of fried green tomatoes, you are missing out.

Well, had to get one of those “just because” shots.


The money from my yard sale – $75

So I had the yard sale (that I keep reminding myself to never have again).  I made $75 and closed it down at 9:30am.  Luke took off the unsold items to Goodwill and I proceeded to the back yard to check on my garden and mother it a bit before closeting myself in my room for the remainder of the day and sleep.

I guess this just wasn’t my day.

My dogs, 2 large breed dogs, weighing a total of 150 lbs together had wiggled their way through my flimsey fence and tore up a portion of my garden.  I am not a violent person and I do not ever kick, hit or throw my dogs.  And even though I never do those things, they knew I was fuming at them.  Daggers like lightening bolts were shooting from my eyes.  Smoke and sparks were billowing from my ears.  I am sure my hair was standing on end.  They are smart dogs.  They cowered and hid.

Taking a few calming breaths and then about 100 more, I assessed the situation and began repairs on my trampled plants.  As I am tending to the damage, Luke wanders into the back yard and takes in the scene and lets me vent.  I have a wonderful husband who understand my frustrations and knows the things that I care about and is kind enough to allow me to blow off steam in his presence without becoming defensive over it.

I ranted and raved and he calmly said that we can get rid of the dogs.  I roll my eyes as I have done since I was a teenager and calmed down.  I love my dogs, I don’t want to get rid of them.  They annoy me, they cost a ton of money to feed, they like to dig and they have stinky breath but I love my dogs.  So the wind was let out of my sails and I floated back to earth and Luke asked me what I needed to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We had already discussed building a fence and gate to contain my garden so with my new $75 and some more money I had stashed in my underwear drawer (not really) he made a list of the supplies he needed and headed to Home Depot to get started on this project.

I have a good husband.. have I said that before?  I am not sure if he had other plans for himself that Saturday but I would have never known it because he had a project that he knew was important to me and he jumped right in.  He worked non stop on it for 2 days, had to take the week off because of his hectic schedule at school, teaching and coaching and then picked it back up on Friday and got it finished.  I have a good husband.

Here is my new fence and protected garden.