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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Two weeks ago, Lucas and I helped chaperone a youth retreat to Gatlinburg, Tennessee:  Xtreme Winter

31 youth and 10 adults…  The odds were not in our favor!


4 vans, 1 UHaul, 4 hours and 1 tunnel


When girls go anywhere, they are prepared.  I was rooming with 7 girls and I had forgotten how much girls can pack.



Xtreme Winter is an awesome Christian Music conference hosted by New Song.



One of my favorite bands!  CASTING CROWNS!


A few bands were hard rock Christian bands and a little loud for some.  Most of the leaders (including me) got a pair of earplugs for just $1.


I didn’t just let it go

Not 2 minutes after finishing the last post, I called up that church and asked them what their plans were for the stained glass windows.  Word of advice to myself.  Never just let something go.  I asked and they gave.  I jumped in Luke’s truck and took off in the pouring rain back to the church.  Two of the demolition workers were still there working in the rain and they helped me pick two of the windows out and load them up.  I am so glad I didn’t just let it go!!!



the history is gone

Back in October I posted pictures of an old church that I passed everyday while driving to pick up the kids from school.  At the time I just felt that if I didn’t take the time to stop and capture the beautiful, old church while I could, it would be gone.  Two days ago I noticed a large backhoe parked behind the church and knew that only a few days would remain of that church that had always caught my eye.

A Slight Detour <—-  click here for that first post.


Today is cloudy and rainy which fit the mood I wanted for these pictures, I had only to darken them a bit more to add to the mood I was in when I stopped.



Very happy to see that someone cut out the cornerstone and kept it.












One of the things that had originally drawn me to this church were the stained glass windows and they were just thrown here in a pile.  Tore me up!


I wonder if anyone else around here even noticed this place or feel any kind of loss with it gone.  Makes me sad when the new replaces the old.

A Slight Detour

On the road to pick up the kids from school, there sits this old church. The cornerstone read 1881.

The stained glass windows framed with the peeling paint was what lured me here.

I have sensed an urgency in getting these pictures.

The new church was built 3 or 4 years ago and this one stands beside it, neglected and falling apart. The sagging roof will cave during the next harsh winter we have.

I nosed around the building trying different doors to see if I could get inside.  (I know!  Breaking and Entering would not be a good thing.)

The cellar was open but it was way too creepy.  I took 4 steps in slowly and retreated in two big jumps.

My heart breaks that this building wasn’t loved after its usefullness was gone. Am I the only person who really sees this building when they drive by?

But I guess, I would have never stopped if this was a beautiful, new building.  That’s just not my thing.

Buildings just aren’t made with beauty in mind anymore.  I attend a church that looks like a warehouse from the outside.  (I love my church family and the building serves its purpose but there is no beauty there.)

Towns built beautiful churches because those buildings were important to them.  It represented more to them than it does to us now.

Did someone actually ring this bell to call the people to worship? How many people came and went from this place not knowing it would one day sit empty and alone?

I think I will give them a call and see if someone will let me in to take pictures before it is gone.  I’ll let you know.