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Creepy Man Doll?

I got a good laugh from my sister today while I was catching up with friends on Facebook.


I used this picture on my last post and my sister (who notices everything) made a comment about it.

This is what she said, “What is that man doll on your piano?  Kind of creepy.”

I immediately knew what she was talking about so I had to take some pictures for her because I love my non-creepy, non-man doll.


Here is a closer look at the creepy man doll.  (I am still laughing at my sister’s keen eye).

And here is my beautiful wooden doll.  Not creepy an not manly.  Just wooden and cool.


This has been a part of my mother-in-law’s home for as long as I have been around.


Lifting the dress, the body is new but the wood looks old so I am thinking it was remade at some point in time.


Could be old and remade or could be something newer made to look old but it is carved wood and I think it is lovely.

Thanks for my daily laugh, Dawn!


I didn’t just let it go

Not 2 minutes after finishing the last post, I called up that church and asked them what their plans were for the stained glass windows.  Word of advice to myself.  Never just let something go.  I asked and they gave.  I jumped in Luke’s truck and took off in the pouring rain back to the church.  Two of the demolition workers were still there working in the rain and they helped me pick two of the windows out and load them up.  I am so glad I didn’t just let it go!!!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Decorations are up and the Christmas feeling has filled the house.  Now, I’m getting excited!


The kids can have their “fun tree” cause I am enjoying my “elegant tree”.


There were a few mishaps but surprisingly enough, not as many as usual.


My favorite ornament this year which came with my cowboy boots I got last year.  Love them!


As the kids are getting older, we are moving farther and farther away from the frivolous things of Christmas and more into the deep meaning of it.  I want them to focus on others this year and less on themselves.  What a job I have ahead of me!


I try and add a couple of new decorations to my home each year and Pinterest helped in a huge way!


A set of wreathes I made this year for the front hall.


Another set I made for the kitchen.


So I mentioned yesterday that I was getting a little flustered with Christmas lights I was trying to take pictures of.. here is a hint at what I was attempting that didn’t work out like I had perfectly imagined it would.


My grandmother is an absolutely crafty, artsy, creative woman who can paint, crochet, stitch and weave together just about anything imaginable.  These were made for each of her great-grandchildren on their first Christmases.  I love her so much and want to be her when I grow up!!  (Right, Dawn?!)


The first Christmas that Lucas and I were married, she made these for us.


Also another crafty crochet thing my grandmother makes every year to give to someone who hasn’t received them from her yet.


Funny story…  when my grandmother found out how touched Lucas was to recieve something so special from her she makes a point to spoil him on his birthday each year.  For my birthday, I get $10 from her but for Lucas, she sends him $25.  She loves my husband!


This Santa Claus has been apart of my Christmas since as far back as I can remember.


Mrs. Claus is always found nearby.  My sister has forgotten that I was the one to have them, I believe she will steal them next time she is here.  That’s okay cause I know she will love them as much as I do.




Our neighborhood Christmas light show is next weekend and so all our neighbors are hanging lights and decorating their homes for the hundreds of cars that drive through every year.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover – The Unveiling

2  1/2 weeks and $156…  I am tired but very happy with the end result!

White, white, and more white…  I was sick of white.

Ahhhh..  I call it a Steel Blue… In the morning it takes on a more grey tone and then by afternoon a more blue tone.

Crown Molding finished off the new clean look and I am ready for a nap!


Before:  stark white and not a calming place for mommy, the cook, to work.

After:  Steel blue and calming.  No clutter around the top of the cabinets.

I am loving it!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Day 3-8

Doors are down, started painting trim and drawers.

I am using an oil based paint so it is slow going.  I do a little at a time and take a break because I could really mess it up with my “enthusiasm”.

Trim is done now on to the doors.

Cleaned then primed.

Hung then painted.

The final two!

I am waiting for my father-in-law to help me cut and hang the crown molding and then I will show you the finished room.  *exhaling*

Day 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Project

Day 2 was all about the hinges.  Since this kitchen cabinet project is all on a strict budget, I had to figure out how to deal with what I have so I can save money for the things I really want (like new cabinet knobs).  So these hinges will have to be doctored up.

The cabinet hardware has been in this house since it was built in ’98 so I knew they were going to need a good cleaning before I started experimenting on their facelift.

Hours later they are the cleanest, ugliest hingest around.

Laid out to dry.

Now on to my doctoring.  I really have no idea if this will work but like I said I have to try to save money.

Prime first.

Spray second.  Going for a silvery nickel finish.

Ahhh.. much better!  That will save me about $150 – $200.