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Those Eyes


Baby Benjamin comes to stay with me during the day and I couldn’t help but capture his precious face.


well.. and then edit … cause it is just too much fun!


SOOC                                                                                          Edit


Anyone home?



SOOC shot                                                                            After Edits!

Editing Fun

fall leaves in tree

I am slowly learning how to capture these pictures on purpose.  But until I can do it with ease, I will love on my photographs with editing.

fall leaves SOOC

My SOOC shot; boring and lifeless.  Not what I saw that day at all!  What I saw that day was color and vibrance and that didn’t come across in this picture one little bit!

fall leaves in tree

Adding a little bit here and a little bit there and this is exactly what  saw that day.

Photography Subject: Cody

Sharpen, Boost (fade).  Biggest thing here was tinting to get the green out of the original photograph.


Crop, Sharpen, Boost (fade) and touch-up


Messed around with the tinting because of the green going on in the picture again.  Sharpen, boost, touch-up and added shadows.


Sharpen, boost (fade), tint, and shadows added


I was explaining to a friend, the itch I have to edit my photographs like this…  It is like HDTV..  We always thought our regular digital cable was looking good.. THEN… we got HDTV and realized how great it can look especially when compared to the original.  It is just a little more of something that is missing.