Theeyyy’rrrre Baaaack

Every Spring, we have a little family that takes up residence in one of my ferns hanging on our front porch.

I’m not sure how many years this has been going on but with Spring coming early this year I was after Lucas to get my ferns up so the little family would be able to make their nest and lay their eggs and be our entertainment for the spring.

It didn’t take a week after Lucas hung the ferns that Mama Bird began building her nest.  Every few days, I would sneek a peek to see if she had laid her eggs yet.  I think I am the only one in this family who gets all giddy over this annual event.  I get so excited and get my camera out and then it happens.  The eggs are there and this year there are 6.  All different pastel colors.  I am oohing and ahhing over them while everyone else is like, ” What’s the big deal Mom?”  I’ll tell you what the big deal is.  It’s like they trust us, year after year to come so close to our house and rest for the spring while raising their little family.  I just think it is the coolest thing ever.

So, let me introduce you to the first 3 born this past weekend!!!!  They are just the cutest, fuzziest little things!

I am sure some of that fuzz built into the nest is from my boys.  I think about these birds and the others that lay eggs in the other tress in our yard throughout the year.  Anytime I shave the boys hair, I leave the hair outside to just blow away hoping the birds will use it to keep their babies all snuggly.

I’m crazy.  There is no need to tell me, I know and I’m okay with it!



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