on a bear hunt

Whenever I am with my nephew, Q, I just follow him around with my camera.


He doesn’t need anyone around to be entertained.


He has dragons to slay and bears to hunt and plenty of other things that keep him occupied well into the afternoon.


I decided to hide behind some cane and just see what adventure he was taking.


He was talking of bears on this day and needing to find out if there were many around.


I found out that the ping pong paddle and ball was to help him get some bears.


He felt he was well armed for his hunt.


Then his mama got a hold of him to get him in a jacket.  He was not happy to be waylaid from his adventure.


Until she told him he could keep hunting his bears as soon as his jacket was on.

I will post the bear hunt through the woods and over the bridge next.  He is such entertainment!


***It’s just another MANIC MONDAY***

DSC_4235 (2)

I’ve gotten on a smoothie kick lately.  No recipe just yogurt, juice and fruit blended with ice.  Oh so good and sneaking some healthy into my breakfast is always a good thing.

My Monday Five:

1.  I do believe that “fried” anything has to be good.  Am I right? or Am I right?  There are certain foods that I just don’t like any other way.   I will be making these very soon.

2.  I have been enjoying going room to room through our home making it more than what it was.  Here are a few things that ring a loud bell in me.  A friend suggested we get together and make some Pinterest items for our home.  That will help me  “finish” some rooms around here.

3.  I know I am crazy but after Christmas is when I start mentally planning for the next Christmas and what I can do to make it more organized and less hectic.  This planner is on my to-do list.  It’s pretty cool and crafty and well I love to be organized.


4.  Last week I had told you about a Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese  I wanted to try.  I made the grilled sandwiches and then also made the Beer Cheese Soup.   And Oh. My. Goodness.  It was as wonderful as I thought it would be.  Don’t wait, try a new recipe this week!


5.  I have a goal and this is what it is:  My photography teacher volunteers for this organization and I followed a link she had on her facebook page.  I would love to either assist a photographer or edit images and maybe one day be good enough to be the photographer.  Amazing!  I wish they had something like this when we were saying goodbye to our twin girls.


Green will always be my favorite color.  I just don’t wear the color.  Looks horrible on me.


My new nesting bowls.  I bought them for myself for Christmas.  I opened them up before Christmas.  I spoiled my Christmas but oh was it worth it.  Love all the colors and they look great in my glass cabinets.

Have yourself a fantastic Monday!  T

***It’s just another MANIC MONDAY***

Actually the title there is misleading.  I love that song and it gets stuck in my head at the oddest times and it is Monday so I typed it in.  But….  I love Mondays.  I know there are not many of us out there who can say that but  I.  LOVE.  MONDAYS.  I love the beginning of things.  I love the week layed before me where I can actually get it all done this week.  The possiblilities are endless.  And so with that thought in mind, here is me spreading my positive joy to you on a MONDAY.


1.   The “in” trends of 2013 and the “outs” that need to stay out!  I am no trend person and in no way know what is in fashion unless I have recently pinned it on Pinterest but these trends are my kind of thing!  Check these lists out!    #1 on the trends that are in, is my goal this year!


2.  These incredibly ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches will be on my menu this week!  Is there anything better than melted cheese?  Really!  Name one thing better than melted cheese!


3.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I am one who likes to reflect and reevaluate the year.  I like to continue doing what is going well and incoorporate a few things that are on my wish list.  Here is an AWESOME TOOL  that I just found that will help me do all those things.


4.  It is amazing to step out of our lives for just a second and view someone else’s.  Blogging has helped me do that more and more.  Take a look at an Australian department store that  helped those Down Under remember their unique Christmas.


5.  Now, don’t boo me or cut  me off before I begin but I don’t think there is anything wrong with planning a few of those Christmas decor projects for next year.  Check out these simple ideas.  I am planning on doing “Joy to the World” and the gathering of the lanterns.

Now go have yourself a fantastic Monday!!

Creepy Man Doll?

I got a good laugh from my sister today while I was catching up with friends on Facebook.


I used this picture on my last post and my sister (who notices everything) made a comment about it.

This is what she said, “What is that man doll on your piano?  Kind of creepy.”

I immediately knew what she was talking about so I had to take some pictures for her because I love my non-creepy, non-man doll.


Here is a closer look at the creepy man doll.  (I am still laughing at my sister’s keen eye).

And here is my beautiful wooden doll.  Not creepy an not manly.  Just wooden and cool.


This has been a part of my mother-in-law’s home for as long as I have been around.


Lifting the dress, the body is new but the wood looks old so I am thinking it was remade at some point in time.


Could be old and remade or could be something newer made to look old but it is carved wood and I think it is lovely.

Thanks for my daily laugh, Dawn!

Old, Rusty and Beautiful

Ahhh, rust…


It draws me in….it begs me to take just one more picture….


…I refuse to leave before every angle and color have been captured.


Maybe it is the color….


…maybe it is the history..


..but something about it is so beautiful.


If you are a strange one like me, your eyes are drawn to this…


If you are like my husband, you look at this and think, “What in the world?”  =)


I don’t understand it myself…


but the older, the rustier…


..the more beautiful it is to me.  I know…I’m strange!

Friday Ramblings

1.  I never thought there would be a drink that would eclipse my love for Dr. Pepper.  That time has come.

2. Lucas and I hanging out on the front stairs watching the kids play in the street.  (that sounds like good parenting, doesn’t it?!)

3.  What can I say about my husband?  Simply.. he is a good man.  That just says it all.

4.  The thing that makes fall so sad to  me is the death of my plants.  This was once my vibrant and beautiful thyme.  Oh, thyme, how I long for thee again in the spring!

5.  Me and the kids got with others from our church and went door-to-door collecting food to stock the food pantry which opens it’s doors every weekend to give out food to anyone who is in need.  This was my team and we had a blast!

Little Man (standing in the back) got all into the spirit of the receiving.  Whenever they left a house with some food, he would throw his fist in the air and hoop and holler.  It was … inspirational.

6.  Winter in South Carolina usually means rain.  Cold, cold rain.

7.  No not homemade yet.  I will be doing the homemade ones in a few weeks.  But I had an intense craving for Krispy Kreme donuts.  So instead I made these cause I was just too lazy to get in the car and go fulfill my craving.  You may ask.. Why?  Why not just get off your lazy butt and go… (see next picture)

8.  Because..  there were much more important things for me to do yesterday morning.  Lazying in front of the fireplace, coffee in hand and reading.  I have my priorities and leaving my house usually ranks ..well… nowhere on the list.

Tattoo or not to tattoo

I’ve wanted a tattoo for almost 20 years.  My one problem was always that I could never figure out what symbol meant so much to me that I would want it permanantly attached to my body. I took my choices very seriously and right before I turned 38 I realized exactly what I wanted.  My decision was made when I knew what was that important to me.

This was my first.

The wedding band and ring that my husband gave me when we were married is beautiful and I love to wear it.  I just sometimes forget to put it on when my mind is racing through all that needs to be done.  I don’t like wearing jewelry to bed or to clean the house so usually I just put on my rings when I am leaving the house.  and well usually I forget.

My husband has made serveral “jokes” about my forgetting to put it on.  There were enough jokes that I realized it bothered him when I was out without my rings.  I had a few ideas about what I wanted on my ring finger and settled on the infinity symbol.  We made a committment to each other when we got married.  We’re in this for the long haul.  I wanted this tattoo to symbolize exactly what I think the long haul is…. eternity… infinity.. for all time.

A month later I was ready for my next tattoo.  The design for this one has been on my heart for a long time but I wanted to wait until we were (pretty) sure we were finished having children before I got it done.

All I knew was I wanted a vine to wrap around my ankle and my childrens’ first initials to be incoorporated into the vine.  The artist drew this out as I was describing what I envisioned  and when he was finished…it was perfect.. exactly what was in my heart.

A couple months after that I got my third tattoo.  This one I actually found on Pinterest and it just stuck with me.   It is a hidden picture.  Let me tell you what I call it and see if you can see what is hidden.  I call it…  Two hearts joined by Christ.  Do you see the cross that is made with the two hearts? ..hint.. the black lines

I am often.. very often.. asked if I plan on getting more.  No plans right now but I am not against having more.  I’m just not sure where I want them.  The three places where mine are were the only places I had ever thought of having them.  So, we’ll see.