finally Fall around here

For me, Halloween marks the beginning of Fall.  Up until this day, the weather is still warm enough to wear summer clothes but after this day, the chill sets in and I am giddy.  Giddy because my favorite holiday is approaching, Thanksgiving!

_DSC4633 - Copy_edited-1

Little Man said he was game this year to wear the “alien” costume.  Every year I beg one of the kids to wear this 30 year old handmade E.T. costume that was once worn by their daddy.  He was a hit with anyone over the age of 20.  =) I believe they need to do a remake of E.T. so this younger generation can get onboard.

_DSC4637 - Copy_edited-1

Middle Man working on staying in fierce Ninja mode.

_DSC4641 - Copy_edited-1

He wasn’t willing to get out of character even for me.

_DSC4642 - Copy_edited-1

My nephew, Q and his mama came from Alabama to visit for the sole reason to go trick or treating with his cousins!

_DSC4643 - Copy_edited-1

The dude can’t help but smile!

_DSC4647 - Copy_edited-1

We are supplied for the masses who will be ringing our doorbell.

_DSC4649 - Copy_edited-1

Princess dressed up a bit to hand out the candy.

_DSC4650 - Copy_edited-1

I even decided to put on a little something to get in the spirit of the day.

So we have one missing from our bunch.  Big Man was a bit bummed to not get to participate but he had duties to perform as ballboy for Luke’s football team.  His daddy told him that he made a commitment and when you make a commitment you keep it.  Tough lesson but I promised I would make it up to him and he would partake in his siblings spoils.


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