Middle Man’s Birthday

I took the summer off from blogging and was totally and completely lazy.. and it was wonderful so I am catching up on the pictures that I did take during that time.  So this was back in June that we finally celebrated Middle Man’s 8th birthday a month late.. did I tell you how lazy my butt was this summer?  L*A*Z*Y!


money was super tight this summer so all the “stuff” for the party was purchased from the Dollar Tree.


How did we get along without Pinterest?  I typed in “water party” and came up with hours of water fun.  1000 water balloons sat waiting for the big finale.





homemade slip ‘n slide, water cannons, water balloon war and just the water hose entertained these kids for 2 hours.



even on a tight budget, the party was a success


2 thoughts on “Middle Man’s Birthday

  1. Young children are easily entertained with water, dirt and or a large cardboard box. Some of my children’s fondest memories are about those very elements. Next time you have a water themed party, buy a few cans of shaving cream at the dollar store. Children have a ball with that and they can easily rinse off in the hose/spinkler if it gets in their eyes. My children loved shaving cream and water balloon “fights” right through their teens!

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