Volleyball season officially over




My daughter’s volleyball season ended this past Monday and though we didn’t have a winning season, the girls had a blast playing together and becoming friends.


So I invited the team over for a spend-the-night party to let them all hang out one more time together.  and of course what did they spend most of their time doing?  Playing volleyball in the front yard, in the back yard and in the street.


Around 1am my husband asks me if I think they will ever go to sleep.  I think not.  Eight 12-yr-old girls just threw out their sleeping bags and lounged while talking, giggling and eating.


After emptying numerous 2-liter bottles of soda, bags of chips, boxes of cookies and brownies as well as random candy, they made their way downstairs this morning to eat 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts.

vball team

Love these girls and the fun season they had!


4 thoughts on “Volleyball season officially over

  1. Aw, it was a blink and ten years ago that my daughters started in volleyball. Matches were good and bad, there was fun and failure, but at the end of the day good friends and rewarding life lessons were more important than points earned. Volleyball catapulted all three of our daughters into great colleges. What a great sport–Enjoy!! School volleyball season may have ended…but club volleyball season is already cranking up.

    • Jan, I thought we would have a bit of a break but soccer conditioning started the next day and we are now into soccer.. volleyball will have to wait until soccer season ends again.. she can’t decide which is her fav sport!

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