Inside the Old Court House and Post Office

So Tina and I thought we would just walk around Main Street and take outside pictures… until we were invited inside the Old Court House to take as many pictures as we wanted!  Yay for us!


You step inside the lobby and you step back in time.



The glory days of Rock Hill.



These are just the details in the post office!


The stairs leading up to the court room.


Behind the Judge’s bench.


No one adds these details to anything these days.  I am so glad it was preserved here.


A chandelier and the detailed ceiling in the court room. I actually laid myself out on the floor to get pictures of the ceiling.  incredible!


Y’all, this was the court room!  It was amazing!


The old prosecution/defendant table with the judge’s bench and witness stand in the distance.  It was so “Perry Mason” ish!  We spent a long time in this room taking pictures of every detail and wondering why they thought to build a new court house when this one is so very incredible!


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