on a bear hunt

Whenever I am with my nephew, Q, I just follow him around with my camera.


He doesn’t need anyone around to be entertained.


He has dragons to slay and bears to hunt and plenty of other things that keep him occupied well into the afternoon.


I decided to hide behind some cane and just see what adventure he was taking.


He was talking of bears on this day and needing to find out if there were many around.


I found out that the ping pong paddle and ball was to help him get some bears.


He felt he was well armed for his hunt.


Then his mama got a hold of him to get him in a jacket.  He was not happy to be waylaid from his adventure.


Until she told him he could keep hunting his bears as soon as his jacket was on.

I will post the bear hunt through the woods and over the bridge next.  He is such entertainment!


One thought on “on a bear hunt

  1. Hi Tara. Q is here withme and I just read him the words and showed him the pictures. He was excited. but then he had to take off for the back yard since there is a cat out there. love granny

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