Last game of season


Praying before Championship game.


Coach and Son


Got himself a couple of doubles when at bat.


Worked hard behind the plate.


I love this picture.  Don’t know the batter but his face says it all.


Our friend, Coach Mike was umpire behind the plate.


Story about Coach Mike:  The game we played before this one my son was pitching.  This is his first year pitching and so he doesn’t have total control over his pitches just yet.  Well, a couple of his crazy pitches hit two batters.  When the second batter went down he got real upset because the batter was obviously hurt.  My oldest son is pretty sensitive and doesn’t like when others are hurt and especially if he is the cause.

Well I didn’t feel like Big Man there would appreciate me going out there and consoling him while he was on the mound.  So I am quietly crying, Luke is seeing to the batter and I look over and Coach Mike who is umpiring in the field walks over to him and pulls him into a hug.  He talks to him and lets him know that it happens in baseball and the batter will be okay.  He gets him calmed down and then looks over to me and I mouth, “Thank you.”


Well, the Championship game was exciting and close!  We didn’t win though.  The whole team was pretty upset because they went from the losing most team at the beginning of  the season to working so hard that they earned their spot in the Championship game and came up short.  They had nothing to be ashamed of cause they gave it their everything.  My nerves were shot!



One thought on “Last game of season

  1. Amazing! It’s a serious achievement to have made it to the championship game. If they’d have won it, well next year would have been full of high pressure. One more year eh? Heartwarming story about Coach Mike. Your son is in the making for a real heart breaker isn’t he? I love that Coach Mike’s approach wasn’t one of those manly shoulder slaps and some equally ‘manly’ dismissive comment to your eldest. Hope that goes some way to your son staying true to himself and enjoying the game at the same time.
    Have a relaxing weekend lol, you need it after those nerves 😉

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