on the farm


It has been almost 3 years since we have visited my dad on his farm in Alabama.


Of course the kids are older and therefore felt it their right to learn how to drive the 4-wheeler by themselves.


There were chickens to feed as well as the eggs to gather.



There were a handful of cows that were ready to give birth or had already given birth to their calves.


The mama’s were very protective and kept their calves far from my wildly loud children.


My husband’s favorite pastime on the farm is all the work that he helps my dad do.  This trip was spent fixing fences and installing a new gate to a back pasture.


My favorite pastime is walking the property and taking pictures.




Little man watching the men work on the fence.



There was no way I could resist the rust!



The one downside to this relaxing trip was that my middle boy was sick the entire time we were there.  He had some kind of virus with a high fever and headache so he spent the entire time inside watching movies, napping and getting plenty of attention from me and Grandma Martie.


2 thoughts on “on the farm

  1. tARA YOU SURE HAVE A THING FOR RUST. The poctures are great and boy have the kids grown. I love the picture ands grandpa and grandma andjthe grandchildren. Spelling hasn’t improved. Love Granny

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