Spring = Baseball



This is my oldest son.  He is one serious player.


He does a little bit of pitching, catching and short stop.


He is best as catcher… fearless and focused.



Here’s his coach… His dad…  He is also very serious about this game.


A few words before he’s up to bat.



Hits a single.


What boy can resist sliding into third base?


2 thoughts on “Spring = Baseball

  1. I don’t know the first thing about baseball but those photos are lovely. The father and son shots are so poignant. What a precious thing to have a shared passion! Is that war paint on the boy’s face? I always wondered what that was about!
    I can just see those brilliantly sparkling white pants turning into a laundry nightmare with that dramatic dusty skid lol. Who ever said passion was neat and tidy? 😉

    • =) Baseball is not my favorite sport to watch except when my son is playing or my husband is coaching. The “war paint” is actually stickers and they keep the glare of the sun out of your eyes. He also thinks it makes him look more athletic! =D

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