My Granddaddy

I took a photography class back in January and learned a ton of things to help my picture-taking improve.  But the one thing that stands out in my mind today is something my teacher told us over and over again.  She said that you never know when a picture of a loved one will be the last one you take.


A few weeks ago I posted a tribute to my grandmama and the impact she has had on my life in so many ways but mostly that of a wife.  Each time I took a trip to Tennessee to visit with my “Grands” I always told myself it might be the last time I will see them.


Last Friday after eating their lunch together,  Grandmama told Granddaddy to go lay down while she cleaned the kitchen.  He laid down and went to sleep and didn’t wake back up.


Now, while I loved my Granddaddy very much and will miss him in my life, that is not where my sorrow is focused.  He was 91 years old and lived a GREAT life.  He used his talents and abilities for those he loved and never asked anything in return.  He was truly a good and Godly man.


No, the grief that I feel is for my Grandmama alone.  You see, my Grands were married for 71 years.  A friend who spoke at the funeral said it best when he said that when you are married to someone for that  long, you don’t know anymore where one ends and the other begins.  You are one.


There are many times in my life when I have felt helpless and this was one time.  I stood by my Grandmama during the funeral and burial praying with all my heart that I could take away a piece of her grief.  Just some of it so that she wouldn’t seem so alone and lost.


She wrapped her life around his until his wishes and desires were hers and hers were his.  Everyday was spent together as one. She told me later that she doesn’t really know what to do without him.  My heart breaks for her and my prayer each moment is that joy and peace and hope will fill her up again.


12 thoughts on “My Granddaddy

  1. I am truly enjoying your blog and your recipes. This tender piece about your grandparents is very touching. What an incredicle blessing to have each other for over 70 years! As Godly people, you know that your grandparents will soon be together, forever with the Father. I hope that God’s love and His blessed assurance will give you and your family some peace. You are in our prayers this Easter season. God bless you! Jan

  2. what a wonderfful comment about your Grandfather. He was wonderful man. 71 years is alongtime to be together but Irene will find her way now thru walking with her Lord and having her family close by. She is a great inspiration for us all. Love Granny

  3. Beautiful!! Thanks Tara, for the wonderful reminder of a life of love that is a mirror of Christ’s love for us. Praying for you and your sweet Grandmama.

  4. My sweet Tara, just beautiful. God has gifted you with creative writing and a eye for his creative beauty all around. I said to Uncle David and to Chuck…”as the Brad Paisley song goes….he’s waitin on a woman.” See the video of that song with Andy Griffith. About being in heaven and preparing it for his woman. We love you all! Blessings and love, Aunt Trisha

  5. Sorry to hear about Grandmama’s and your loss. You know, it’s sad what ridiculous stories make today’s headlines. People should be more interested in hearing about stories exactly like this. A lot of love, compromise, and self-sacrifice goes into two people being married for 71 years. Even half that time would be a great accomplishment

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