White out


So I was pretty much off my feet for over a week… well as off my feet as a mama of 4 can be…. in order to give my ankle a chance to heal.  My fall happened 2 weeks ago today and I am pretty much back to my old self besides a dull ache in my foot when I have been off it for too long.

Anyway, the first morning after my fall, I stayed in bed and iced down my ankle and kept it elevated and compressed.. doing all I could to get it back as fast as I could.  So my youngest son, having such compassion for my miserable state decided to keep me company in bed.


What we woke to that Saturday morning was another snowfall for our area.  Big, fat snowflakes slowly drifted to the ground.  We were despairing because nothing was sticking and the temperature wasn’t low enough to keep them around.


Within the hour, the temperature dropped and the snow started piling up.  Living in the south, this is a sight that will keep anyone between the ages of 2 and 99 glued to the scene.  Knowing that the afternoon would force this scene to disappear, I got out my camera and made my way very slowly downstairs to get as many pictures as I could.


So those of you who live with this scene throughout your winters, please disregard this post because this is not something we get but once or twice a year if we are lucky and it will literally only last hours.








I hobbled and crawled my way back upstairs and snuggled back under my blankets to get warm again.  By that afternoon, the sun was out, the snow was melted and there was not a trace of the beautiful white storm that had passed through.


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