….just another Manic Monday


It is Monday again and as for this girl… you will not hear me complaining!  I love Mondays…I love beginnings…. I love the possibilities!  I call it a Manic Monday because I am a lazy butt on the weekends so I do have a list of things that have to get accomplished on Mondays but I am a list girl and love to see those things marked off.

So my twisted ankle is much, MUCH better and I have spent this last week with it iced, raised and compressed, praying all the time that I will be better by today to start running again.  I have 6 races I am signed up for over the next 3 months (we will talk about how insanely confident I am to have signed up for all those races later).


While in Tennessee a few weeks ago, my cousin, Jennie, my daughter and I went to town to get our nails done.  Jennie was raving about this new manicure she got that lasted 2 weeks.  We went to the local mall and asked for Shellac Manicures.  Because of the virtually indestructability of this “polish”, it actually protects your nails so they can grow.

I have horrible nails that tear and chip constantly and even have a split down my thumb nail that won’t heal.  This week I surprised my daughter and we went back to get them again.  My nails are strong and longer than I have had them in years and I am ROUGH on my nails. 

(above picture…bottom hand is mine, top hand is my daughters.. just noticed that she has my hands..little chunky things!)


On Friday, as Lucas is leaving for school, he leans in to give me a big ‘o smooch when he noticed that I wasn’t my cheerful morning self.  He steps back and asks if my ankle is bothering me worse that morning.  I shake my head, hold back my tears and tell him that my floors are so dirty that all the trash is getting stuck on my feet.  He hugs me and tells me it will be alright and to go lay down and just relax today.

About 2 hours later, I am walking by my front door when I notice my best friend, Angie, climbing out of her car and getting some stuff out of the trunk.  As soon as I open the door she is standing there with her vacuum and cleaning supplies and a huge grin on her face.

me – Luke called you didn’t he.

Angie – yes and he was so pitiful telling me he will pay me whatever if I would come and clean the house for you.

me – Awwwwww  I have the most wonderful husband EVER!


So because Angie and I can’t keep our mouths shut for talking so much, she is here far longer than she had planned.  But, by the time she is able to leave, my home is sparkling from the bathrooms upstairs to the floors downstairs and everything in between.

She told Luke that she would not take one cent from him.  She said that if my sister was here she would have taken care of me but since she isn’t, Angie would gladly step in and do what family does for each other.

She also told him to buy me a big burger and fry from FIVE GUYS because she just KNOWS me!

“Angie, I love you dearly and thank God that I have a friend like you!  You are the most selfless person I know, always stepping in where there is a need.  God uses you to bless others more than you realize and I am so thankful to call you my friend.  Thank you for loving me and taking care of me and my home when I couldn’t. “

Lucas and I rarely get to go out on dates because of the chaos that is our life with 4 children in sports and other activities.  But recently, he set it up that my father-in-law watch our kids while he took me out to get a big steak.  I love beef!


Got my favorite boots on, going out with my favorite man to my favorite restaurant.  Happy girl!


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