the rest of my “Running is Dangerous” story

So I stumbled on the running path on Friday and tore up my knee and twisted my ankle.


Not only did I send this picture to my husband but also to my best friend who is usually walking this course with me.  Her reply was simple, did anyone witness this clumsiness?  My best friend, Angie is always and forever getting hurt.  From breaking a toe to tearing off a toe nail to breaking the tip off her butt bone.  She is always stumbling about and I had the nerve to call her a grandma while we were walking the other day.


So knowing that I had a 1/2 mile hike out of this trail ahead of me, I needed to talk to her and hear her voice cause I knew she would make me laugh at myself.  As I get her on the phone, she asks how I am doing.


I ask her, “What do you think is worse?  Someone witnessing a ridiculous fall like I did.  Or someone just walking by you and seeing the blood running down you leg and not saying a word to you.”

Literally, I was hobbling out the trail and passed this young couple pushing a stroller and they said hello.  That was it!  No, “Are you okay?, Do you need any help?  Can we do something for you?”  I kept hobbling past them with my mouth hanging open and then let out the biggest laugh and thought it a great time to call Angie so I could share.  She told me that they probably thought I was some kind of nut and didn’t want to get involved with crazy!  That was probably it!  =)

So update on my ankle.  Swelling and bruising down.  I can put a little weight on it and praying that I will be normal by the end of the week so I can get back on schedule!


2 thoughts on “the rest of my “Running is Dangerous” story

  1. Ouch! Thanks *so much* for sharing the gore lol. I wonder what that young couple you encountered remembered from the incident, quite strange behaviour from them. Hope you’re doing better, that ankle looks really painful! :S Don’t force your schedule until you’re recovered ok?

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