Running is dangerous

I have 4 races coming up over the next 3 months. The last one being a 1/2 marathon in the middle of May. So, I have begun a strict running routine and made my way back to the RiverWalk for the awesome view with hills. I left the house with my husband calling out to be careful.


So last night I began a 3 mile run. RiverWalk is known for its abundance of wildlife including deer that will be seen jumping across the trail. I had just passed the 1/2 mile marker when I hear a rustling behind me and I turn my head to see if it is a deer.


Now being the conscientious person that I am, I always run to the side so bikes can get by me. Well this day I was especially close to the side and when I turned my head, my foot stepped down on the edge of the path and down I went.


Not only did I scape up my knee pretty good but I twisted the other ankle. I just sat down and took stock of my options. No one around. 1/2 mile to get out. Blood running down my leg. Ankle starting to swell.

I start laughing and calling myself all kinds of names. I send the picture to Lucas.
Luke’s text: I thought I told you to be careful.
Me: You did but I thought you meant be careful and not get attacked or raped.
Luke: if I had meant that I wouldn’t have let you go.
Me: I am going to rest a bit and walk out of here. I will call you in a bit.

I sit for a spell and keep my cold hands on my ankle and once I get my breath back I make the hobbling walk out of there and to the truck.


Once home, Luke has the first aid kit handy and tends to my knee. I’ll continue my adventure on the next post. I have to ice my ankle right now.


3 thoughts on “Running is dangerous

  1. Ouch…hope the swollen ankle gets better. Be careful next time and keep training. I’m not a runner, but enjoy my 3 mile walks when it’s not freezing outside, like it is today.

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