Still the light of our family


My Grandmother turned 89 a week ago while my Grandaddy turned 91 this week.  We travelled to Tennessee to celebrate with the rest of my family.


Growing up I always wondered how my grandmother could serve her husband with such love and selflessness, doing all he asked and all he needed as if he couldn’t do it himself.  I would say to myself that she needs to tell him to get up and do a few things for her.  Little did I know!


My grandmother knew something that I did not.  She knew what it was like to love someone so much that her very happiness and joy came from being the one to do for that other person even when they could do it themselves.  She is such a light in our family and one that shines brighter today than she ever has before.  My grandaddy has Alzheimer’s and suffers from a lot of memory loss.  She is his light each day, helping him to remember and to not forget.


After reading Created to be His Helpmeet, and consequently being changed by that book, I see that her actions were just a reflection of her heart.  My grandaddy never made her do these seemingly inconsequential things, nor did he even ask them of her.  She looked around at her home, her family and her husband and knew that she was the one who would be blessed by doing for others.  Her whole life has been one of giving and loving and asking nothing in return and God has blessed her life so much.

I still have a dream to grow up and be just like my Grandmother!


7 thoughts on “Still the light of our family

  1. Nice story. Hope your grandmother and grandfather can share a lot more birthdays together, along with your family. 🙂

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