First Snow


This is what winter looks like around here.  Cold and rainy.  The sun will show itself but the feeling is always cold and damp.  Over the past holiday weekend, we took a trip up to Tennessee to see my family and celebrate my grandparent’s birthdays.


While there, the snow started to fall.  As quickly as it had begun, it ended and the sun was in full glory.


I grabbed my camera and rushed outside to get a few pictures because this might be the only snow I see this year.


This same system that moved in to Tennessee and just flaked out, also had moved into South our home and dumped out 2-3 inches!  We missed it!  As we were traveling home, the kids voiced my wish, “Maybe there will still be some there when we get home.”  But, sadly, no.  Not a hint of snow was left.  The southern sun came out and melted it all within that 2 days.  What was left…. cold and wet.


8 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. That’s so funny, all we get here is in Virginia is the same thing, as a matter of fact, if I were to take a pic out my front door it would be almost exactly the same as yours. We are at the end of a cul de sac and have the same weather. You will have to head a bit north to get into the glorious white stuff!

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