The Drive

We had a long holiday weekend and made plans to drive up to Tennessee to spend it with my family.  My grandparents are celebrating their 89th and 91st birthdays and what better reason to make this 7 hour trip.


We are about an hour into the trip when my husband tells me that the drive will go a lot faster if I were to talk with him. On road trips, I love to sleep and read but for my love, I will set that aside and talk with him if that is what he needs.  So I say,”What do you want to talk about?  Oh, I know.  Give me 10 reasons why you love me!”  You can only imagine the look he gave me but he wanted to talk and so I have chosen the topic!  I am so sly!


He begins with some very sexual ones which I just grin and roll my eyes at.  Such a man!  But I chose the topic and must live with these male answers.  He finally gets to #4 and says, “You’re pretty.”

Me –  “You love me because I’m pretty?  What if there was a fire and I was burned badly, would you still love me?”  he turns to me slowly and just shakes his head.  I think he now regrets asking me to talk with him to make the time go by.  But I am actually enjoying this conversation!


I chose the topic so I have to live with the answers.  So he continues.  “You smell good.”  Me – “You love me because I smell good?”  Luke – “I don’t think I could love you if you smelled bad.”  We are both laughing now.  Next. He throws out some more that go something like, “you’re organized, you keep our home nice, you’re a good cook.”  At this point we are stuck in some slow traffic because of an accident so the conversation is forgotten for most of the trip.


When we finally make our way off of the interstate and onto the last 20 minutes of our trip I remember that he hasn’t finished the last 2 reasons of why he loves me.  Me – “You still have 2 left.  What are the 2 most important reasons why you love me?”  I am sure he was hoping I had forgotten this conversation like he had but sadly no, he was not going to get out of this.


With a smile and deep breath he says, “You are easy to please.”  By the confused look on my face he decides to expand before I can ask.  “Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and all the guys at work were talking about the lengths they have to go to in order to please their wives.  I was happy that you don’t like the big, extravagant show but are happy with what I can do.”   Me – “So true.  I am not a jewelry person, though I love flowers I cringe to think of the cost of something that will die within days.”  But he knows me and all I need is food and chocolate and that is what he gave me.  Good man!


Now that he is kind of getting into this he lays the last one on me.  Luke – “You are fun to be around.”  I get the biggest, goofiest grin on my face.  Me – “Really?!”  Shaking his head but with an amused smile he says, “Yes.  We have fun together and I always like to be with you.”  Ah, my heart just melted again!


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