Strait Flight

This past Sunday, I headed over to a friend’s horse ranch.


Jeanne and I met up to practice a little of what we learned in our photography class last month.


A couple of the new fillies were out and ready to be a part of our project. This little one is called Snip.


These Quarter Horses are racing horses and the fillies will be trained to do as their parents before them did.  Race.


This bay filly is Strait Flight.  Her mama, Strait Selection, was purchased from George Strait (country music singer) and her daddy is This Flights For You.


She stayed pretty close to Mama being only five days old.



She was a little curious as to what we were doing.


Eventually making her way over toward me to check it all out.


Then back behind Mama to just peek.


Mama paid us no mind until this one shot and it was the only time she gave us the time of day.



So precious!


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