lately…around here

Please tell me you have heard of Pandora Internet Radio!!!

I love to type in a favorite artist or song and Pandora will create a radio station for me and remember my preferences.


Here is my current favorite.  I love the song, Farmer’s Daughter, by Rodney Atkins.  It is a story that closely resembles mine and my husband when we were first dating.  Him on my dad’s John Deere cutting his back 40 acres and me bringing him out sweet tea.  There are other similarities so whenever that song comes on, Luke and I just share a smile and turn it up.


The 100th day of school just came and went.  In public school, this is a big deal and a huge occassion to party and celebrate.  It also means that there are only 80 days left in school.  Yay!


Luke travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a football coaches conference a few weeks ago.  The boys were attending movie night at our church so Princess and I stuck in a movie and settled down to food and games.  Have you ever played Rack-O?  This, as well as Mancala, became two favorites while I was teaching in public school.


I just went to the doctor last week for my yearly blood work and check-up.  Everything is normal and healthy but I was lectured long and hard about my horrible habit of having coffee FOR breakfast.  Not coffee WITH breakfast but ONLY coffee for my breakfast.  I remained as humble as I could trying to act like a chastised child all along knowing I will not change my ways.


Princess and her friend, and also close neighbor messing around this night dancing and singing and being so funny.


Middle Man struggled when learning how to read and has really just taken off this year with some one-on-one help he is getting in school.  He loves to read.


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