Auburntown, Tennessee


Auburntown, Tennessee… population 270.  I do believe I am related to the majority of them.


This is my ideal of the most perfect small town, just like you read in books.  (This was once the main road to the big city of Murfreesboro.  The highway is there to the left.)


…sweet and friendly country folks who wave at everyone who passes by.  You really do need to have your hand ready because you will be waving at a lot of people.


….who sit out on their front porches and invite others to join them.


….who help out a neighbor in need without question.


…whose doors and hearts are always open.


…who do not hesitate to get together to share meals and often.


My uncle (who also lives here with his family) told me that this county is one of the poorest in Tennessee.


but I believe they are the most blessed to be living in such a beautiful town with such beautiful people.


This town is where my mom and her family are from.


This is where we buried her when she passed away 16 years ago.   This town was always her home.


There is just a slower pace to life here.  My kind of pace.


As we were leaving here after Thanksgiving, my daughter voiced my deepest desire, “I want to live here.”  ….me too


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