this old barn


So I have taken you through a tour of my Granddaddy’s childhood home, inside  and  outside.  I wandered around the house and found 4 more buildings.  One was this barn.


I have to take pictures of details because that is what I look at when seeing things.


Over the years, I could tell where places had been repaired but then those aren’t the things I want pictures of, I want what was original and has stood through time.


Looks to me like there was once a fire inside the barn.  I found darkened wood in this corner of the barn.



The weathered wood is so beautiful.  I actually yanked a plank off one of the buildings and brought it home.  Can’t figure out what to do with it yet but I do want it up somewhere in my home. I dug through the dirt floor and found some old rusty tools and grabbed one of those to bring home too.  So many laws were broken this day.


This was the door leading out of the hayloft.


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