inside this old house


During Thanksgiving, I was able to snoop around my granddaddy’s childhood home (my great grandfather built).  click HERE for that post.

Well, I found an open door and creeped inside.  Ever since I got my new camera, I have become a bit bold.  Everyone was telling me that someone else owns this home but it is obviously abandoned and who knows how much longer it will be standing.  I, of course, ignored them and took a few liberties that would have gotten me in a little trouble.


Ah… Rust… what is it about you that draws me in and makes me take pictures?  REALLY.  WHAT IS IT?   I don’t understand my fascination but I just go with it cause, well, it draws me in and makes me take pictures.


This room was filled with holes in the floor so I could only look through the opening but this was once the front family room.  I can only imagine the family all hanging around this room after dinner and chores were done.  Something else I am also drawn to…. the simpler life people had way back when.


Key please?


My sister-in-law, Christy and I were able to get through most of the house but all the other rooms looked just like this and were filled with building supplies.  I guess the new owner is going to rebuild.


History fascinates me.  Not book history but “let’s go see it history”.  But photographing my history is pretty cool.


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