Cinnamon Roll Disappointment

Just wanted to share with you one of the frustrations of food blogging and  well, cooking in general.

I found a wonderful recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls from pioneer woman.  The recipe mapped out quite a process but the end result was going to be amazing.


I began the dough the night before I was to make the cinnamon rolls.  Now this recipe makes 14-16 batches of cinnamon rolls so I was already planning on the people I would be sharing these mouth watering delights with.


The following morning, I pulled the dough out as well as all the ingredients and tools I would need.  I failed to pay attention to one very important thing when I first saw the dough.         IT HAD NOT RISEN!   Now, if you do any kind of baking with yeast you know that if the yeast is “alive” and working, the dough will rise.


If I had taken notice of that when first sighting the dough, I would have thrown it away then and not spent the next 3 hours working hard to make these a wonderful glory that they should be.

They look beautiful don’t they.  Just right.  Just what you want them to look like before you cover them for 20-30 minutes to rise and double in size.

Well this is what they looked like before rising and after rising.  So there was no RISING.


So this is where my day went.. right into the garbage.  When my kids asked if I would make some more later that day, I just stared at them and shook my head.  There were no words to my disappointment.  I took a long hot bubble bath and said very little the rest of the night.

Maybe in a few weeks when this frustrated day is not so clear in my memories, I will try again.

Also click here for that recipe from The Pioneer Woman. 


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