***It’s just another MANIC MONDAY***

Actually the title there is misleading.  I love that song and it gets stuck in my head at the oddest times and it is Monday so I typed it in.  But….  I love Mondays.  I know there are not many of us out there who can say that but  I.  LOVE.  MONDAYS.  I love the beginning of things.  I love the week layed before me where I can actually get it all done this week.  The possiblilities are endless.  And so with that thought in mind, here is me spreading my positive joy to you on a MONDAY.


1.   The “in” trends of 2013 and the “outs” that need to stay out!  I am no trend person and in no way know what is in fashion unless I have recently pinned it on Pinterest but these trends are my kind of thing!  Check these lists out!    #1 on the trends that are in, is my goal this year!


2.  These incredibly ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches will be on my menu this week!  Is there anything better than melted cheese?  Really!  Name one thing better than melted cheese!


3.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I am one who likes to reflect and reevaluate the year.  I like to continue doing what is going well and incoorporate a few things that are on my wish list.  Here is an AWESOME TOOL  that I just found that will help me do all those things.


4.  It is amazing to step out of our lives for just a second and view someone else’s.  Blogging has helped me do that more and more.  Take a look at an Australian department store that  helped those Down Under remember their unique Christmas.


5.  Now, don’t boo me or cut  me off before I begin but I don’t think there is anything wrong with planning a few of those Christmas decor projects for next year.  Check out these simple ideas.  I am planning on doing “Joy to the World” and the gathering of the lanterns.

Now go have yourself a fantastic Monday!!


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