Crock Pot Mac ‘n Cheese


I do believe most southern ladies have a similar recipe to this one but since I am a southern transplant from a military upbringing, I had never heard or tasted it before until meeting my mother-in-law.  Since that time it is a staple around here.


  • 8 ounces elbow macaroni
  • 12 ounce can evaporated milk
  • 1  1/2 cups half & half
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 cups sharp cheddar cheese – grated


Boil your macaroni according to the box directions and drain.


Spray your crock pot with cooking spray.


In a small bowl, beat your eggs and then add the can of evaporated milk as well as the half & half.  Stir it up.


With a bowl of eggs, you do not need to just dump those into the hot macaroni.  This can scramble your eggs and that is not what you want at all.  Add a few spoon fulls of the macaroni TO the bowl of eggs and milk mixture.  Stir this up to bring the temperature of the eggs up to the macaroni slowly.  I do this once more and then dump the egg/milk mixture into the large bowl of macaroni.


Add the 4 cups of cheddar cheese to your bowl and then sprinkle salt and pepper over this.  I just grab a couple of pinches of each and then adjust later.


Mix this up and dump it in your crock pot and set to low.  You will cook this for 3  1/2 hours.  Stir it up after every hour.  I also like to take some extra cheese and sprinkle it on top after that 3rd and last stir.


Last Christmas, we were all sitting around the table enjoying our Christmas Eve feast.  I asked everyone to share their favorite food from this feast.  I think most everyone had a different answer, mine being that I loved the Cranberry Salad (I will share later).

My husband was one of the last to answer.  I sit a little straighter wondering which one of my recipes he would choose.  Would it be the cornbread dressing, the gravy that covers 3 or 4 of the items or the dessert that we hadn’t even gotten to yet?

He looks over his plate and considers his answer for just a moment and then confidently states, “The mac ‘n cheese.”

I do believe my fork rattled to my plate as I looked at him in a most curious way.  Not in a dozen answers would I have thought he would say the mac ‘n cheese which I might add is only on the menu because the kids love it so much.

I stutter through a response and come up with only, “How.  Old.  Are.  You?”

He looks at me just as strangely and really has no idea why I am questioning his answer but to this day I am.. I am still questioning his answer.  I have also not asked that question again since then.


4 thoughts on “Crock Pot Mac ‘n Cheese

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  2. Apologies for a stupid question but I see so many Mac n cheese recipes out there, I was just wondering how you guys make up the meal with it? What goes with Mac n cheese over your side of the pond?
    We call it macaroni cheese here, but I generally associate it with school dinners and it’s more creamy and probably had less real cheese in it. No idea. I don’t think I’ve ever made it myself.
    Sweet what your hubby said though I thought! 🙂

    • this is lemonade, it is actually a side dish here. Goes with anything and everything. When I am making my menu, I just throw it in a meal that needs one more side to complete it, no deep thought to it because it really does go with any meal.
      A lot of recipes around here use “American Cheese” and “Processed Cheese” which I don’t like in my mac ‘n cheese but does make it creamier. All about preferences.
      BTW, not a stupid question, love knowing we are all so similar.

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