Creepy Man Doll?

I got a good laugh from my sister today while I was catching up with friends on Facebook.


I used this picture on my last post and my sister (who notices everything) made a comment about it.

This is what she said, “What is that man doll on your piano?  Kind of creepy.”

I immediately knew what she was talking about so I had to take some pictures for her because I love my non-creepy, non-man doll.


Here is a closer look at the creepy man doll.  (I am still laughing at my sister’s keen eye).

And here is my beautiful wooden doll.  Not creepy an not manly.  Just wooden and cool.


This has been a part of my mother-in-law’s home for as long as I have been around.


Lifting the dress, the body is new but the wood looks old so I am thinking it was remade at some point in time.


Could be old and remade or could be something newer made to look old but it is carved wood and I think it is lovely.

Thanks for my daily laugh, Dawn!


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