Taco Salad (Haystacks)


There are very few meals that I remember eating regularly while growing up because my mom liked to experiment with recipes so we were always having new dishes. But this meal is one we had often growing up and I still fix once a month around here for big Sunday dinners when the extended family joins us.

If you are having company over the holidays, this is a great large-party dinner that is sure to please everyone!!! Including vegetarians!



2 pounds ground beef

1 package taco seasoning mix

½ Cup water

1 can black beans or kidney beans (or both)

3 Cups rice (make according to directions)

Bag of corn chips

3-4 tomatoes

1 head of romaine lettuce

8 ounces cheddar cheese

2 cans corn

1 can black olives

1 jar sliced banana peppers

1 jar sliced jalapeno peppers

Sour cream


Ranch Dressing

If you are having a large party (larger than 8 adults) double this recipe.


Go ahead and make your rice according to the directions.


Brown the ground meat until done and then drain the fat off and return the meat to the pan.

While meat is browning and rice is cooking, chop the tomatoes and shred the lettuce and cheese.


Add package of taco seasoning and 1/2 cup water to the browned meat. Stir this together.


I go ahead and add my black beans now but if your party has vegetarians who are also eating, keep the beans out of the meat.


Mix together the meat and beans.


Fluff up the rice and put everything in a buffet line for everyone to serve themselves and layer their haystacks with what they like.


I lay out all the toppings and if you are serving a vegetarian this is where you will put the black beans and kidney beans.

We always begin with the rice, then the meat mixture and then move on to these items with the corn chips being the last to go around the dish.


I have literally never met anyone who did not love this easy, party meal. It has a little bit for everyone and is made to order.


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