A Country Parade

There is a local town round here that knows how to put on the best Christmas parade.


The Lowry’s Christmas Parade draws folks from all over the area.  Well this parade starts out with an ol’ tractor..


..and then comes the horses…


..and there they go..

DSC_3007 DSC_3124

DSC_3019 DSC_3056

..there are big tires..

DSC_3011 DSC_3107

DSC_3121 DSC_3185

DSC_3015 DSC_3039

..and then every color tractor available..

DSC_3046 DSC_3028

..it is a hard choice to make for any boy… Which one is their favorite?




or horse?

DSC_3021 DSC_3078 DSC_3038

good thing there were plenty of tractors to help decide….

DSC_3184 DSC_3183

DSC_3181 DSC_3173

DSC_3171 DSC_3170

..and then plenty of horses to make the decision more difficult…

DSC_3012 DSC_3013

DSC_3014 DSC_3022

..country folks know how to put on a great parade…

DSC_3023 DSC_3006

DSC_3188 DSC_3169

DSC_3167 DSC_3160

DSC_3158 DSC_3149

DSC_3104 DSC_3191

DSC_3151 DSC_3051

DSC_3050  DSC_3029



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