Old, small town cemetaries part 1


While we were in Tennessee, my granddaddy and uncle took us on a tour of some old, small town cemetaries.  Now you might be one to wonder why we would find any interest in spending an afternoon looking at ancient headstones but it was in fact very interesting.

Before I entertain you with the ancient and historical markers, we did first visit the place my mom is buried.


My mom passed away in 1997 and this is only the second time I have ever been here to visit her grave.


It just isn’t a place I have ever wanted to come to.  The fact is that…. I miss her still.


Aside from my graduation from high school, she has missed out on every important event in my life.


I remember her in vivid details; her smile, her hands, her voice, her hospitality.  She was a lovely person and I pray that I am becoming someone just like her.


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