Never too old to read chidren’s books

Thanks to a bloggy friend ( I pulled out some of my favorite children’s books that are my all time favorites.

I fell in love with picture books when I was in college taking education classes.  I actually had a professor that would begin every class reading a picture book to us.  I spent hundreds of dollars on picture books that year and vowed that my children would be lovers of books too.


This is my hands down, no other book comes even close, all-time favorite picture book.



This is a tale of a relationship between a little boy and a tree.  This tree always provides the boy with what he wants: whether it is branches to swing from, shade to sit under or apples to eat.  As the boy grows older, he needs more and more from this giving tree and because of the deep love the tree has for the boy, she always provides for him.  


I love the simplicity of the pictures which is trade mark Shel Silverstein.


Middle Man read this book to Lucas tonight and I stood in the kitchen listening to the words from a book that I know by heart.

Go read a picture book!!!


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