The girls get a night out.


Princess and I got a little dolled up and travelled to Charlotte to see The Singing Christmas Tree.  It was….well, incredible and Christmasy and funny and captivating and like nothing I had ever been to before.  This is a group of mind-blowing vocalists who are literally in a ginormous Christmas Tree wearing these colorful, metalic robes that shine and reflect the Christmas lights and just make the entire program larger than life.


Could not miss the opportunity to capture my Princess and just have some girly fun with her.. just the two of us.


So… it seems that I can make great and grand plans  but inevitably something comes in and makes a bit of havoc.  This night was no different.  I knew that we needed to be at the auditorium by 7:00 in order to get our tickets and get to our seats before the 7:30 show.  So I just do a little mental backtracking and figured we leave at 5pm so we can get up that way and find a nice, sit-down-and-eat-a-lovely-meal, kind of restaurant.

Let’s just say that my GPS needs to be updated cause we were taken on some back roads and down long highways all the while being told that the restaurant was right there and …IT WASN’T THERE!  Me being the slight idiot that I can be, reprogramed, thinking, “It isn’t the GPS, it is me” and turn around to try again.  Still not there.  I waste so much time with the GPS that we end up with only 30 minutes left.  Decision made, plans change and we pull into a fast food drive thru, take our meal to the parking lot where the peformance will be held and sit in my van and eat.  By the end of our wild goose chase, we were so hungry we didn’t care that we were eating greasy hamburgers and french fries, we were just so happy to be eating!

I did giggle a little at us as we are scarfing down these burgers and trying hard not to get any on our clothes.  We were a sight!  Good times!


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