the fun we had in Tennessee


Our time spent in Tennessee with my family for Thanksgiving was fun-filled which had to include croquet, one of my all time favorite games.



My brother, Chuck, is an avid disc golf player and so he brought his discs and one of his basket stands to teach the boys how to play.


My sister-in-law, Christy, my sister, Dawn and myself all piled in my uncles itty-bitty truck and headed out to take pictures at the old farmhouse my grandaddy grew up in.  We seem to bring out the crazy in each other!


While in these mountains, the rocking chairs are never empty.


My uncle took Lucas and I on a tour of several historic cemetaries around and one was being guarded by an amazingly friendly donkey.  The boys petted and loved on it and when they had to leave he began the loudest tyrade I have ever heard.  My youngest scampered back to him to give him some more attention which is exactly what he wanted.


Down the hill behind my uncle’s home sits a tiny cabin that he and my grandfather made.  This is my uncle’s little hideaway.  Well actually his office/study.


The space is decorated in old photographs of family long gone as well as documents like one allowing a great-great-great… grandfather the right to vote again after the Civil War ended.  It is a really lovely hideaway.


Black walnuts were everywhere.  Not a fan of them myself but they really are huge.


My sweet sister lounging outside talking with Lucas.

Middle man spent each day trying to tackle this tree.  He had it in his mind to get as high as possible.


I thought this was high enough.


He came away with a horrible case of poison ivy.  He was pitiful, bless his heart!


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