Not bad for my first try….

My best friend, Angie, has been following my slow growth into photography and has been a huge encouragement for me.  So to prove her faith in my fledgeling abilities, she asked if I would take her family’s Christmas pictures.


Since I know the family very well, there was no pressure and I made sure she realized that I really had no idea what I was doing and if she was okay with that, I would love to photograph her family.


They were super supportive and spent  more time encouraging me than me doing much but snapping pictures.


We were actually only out there for 30 minutes and I left praying that I at least got one good shot to work with so she could send out her Christmas cards.


I was pleasantly surprised to find more than a few that began decent and I could edit to make a bit better.


I attributed the majority of it to the fact that this is a good looking family that know how to be photographed.

I did have fun and she gushed over the end products.  Now I am thrilled about the photography class I am signing up for at the local junior college.


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