Beer-Braised Beef and Onions (Pioneer Woman Style)


I am still on a Pioneer Woman recipe kick and loving it.

And there is just something about the way beer transforms foods that are cooked in it for hours! Oh.  My.  The Flavor!

Tonight for dinner we had:

Beer-Braised Beef and Onions  <—–  click here for that recipe and demo on Pioneer Woman Cooks

Sauteed Green Beans  <—-  click here for the link to my recipe  (My photography has already come a long way from a few months ago. Wow!)

Sweet Corn on the Cob

Creamy Mashed Potatoes   (Lucas threw those together while I was having a nervous breakdown cause my Christmas lights were not working properly for my pictures I was taking and I was on the verge of using foul language so he made the mashed potatoes.  They were very GOOD! and I controlled my tongue and used no naughty words.)


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