Oh, Chrismas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree.


One of our favorite holiday traditions is heading out to a local Christmas Tree Farm and finding our Christmas Tree.


We don’t really have a favorite variety.  Penland Tree Farm has 6 different types of trees to choose from and I usually look around and pick whatever is the greenest and prettiest variety that year.  This year, the Leyland Cypress trees are gorgeous.

Little history lesson for you so skip this section if you are not into that kind of thing.

Leyland Cypress trees are sterile hybrids.  They are not naturally occurring trees and can only be grown from rooted cuttings.  Two trees, a Monterey Cypress and an Alaskan Cedar were growing on an estate in South Wales and by chance, cross bred which very rarely happens in plants.  6 seedlings were discovered from these parent trees in 1888 by CJ Leyland and he began working on developing the trees into the 1900s.  In 1941, some rooted cuttings came to the United States and then in 1965, they found their way to South Carolina.  (end of history lesson)


We tromp through the farm, looking for the “just right” tree.  I usually spot it pretty quickly and proclaim, “This is the tree.”  It must be a talent that few would acknowlege but I have the eye.

Lucas, being the careful, particular kind of man that he is leads the kids around some more continuing to examine many more trees.  They end up circling back around eyeing my tree a little more and conceed that I indeed picked the “just right” tree that was meant to be ours.  This happens EVERY year.  I love being right.  =)


All the boys are thrilled to assist in the “cutting”.  What is it about tools that dims that line between boys and men?  Princess and I just stand back and let them bring it down.


Princess did direct them as they loaded it onto the cart.  That’s my girl.


Must be a new law cause this is the first I’ve seen this sign.

Interesting that a law had to be made which tells me that someone actually sued a Christmas Tree farm when their stupidity got them hurt. Idiots.


So our “fun tree” is up and decorated and our house is smelling wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Chrismas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree.

  1. You can have them since I have enjoyed them for 15 years. They do bring back a lot of memories! But I can give them over to you knowing someone else will enjoy them as much as we have! Love you!

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