a little bit of Cajun in our Christmas


I love, absolutely love, the day that the Christmas tubs and containers come down from the attic.

I love, positively love, opening each one and unwrapping all the treasures we have accumulated over the years.

I love, incredibly love, children’s Christmas books.


So first… my all-time favorite Christmas tale, The Polar Express.

Illustrations are the bomb and Chris Van Allsburg is phenomenal.


Luke is originally from Louisiana and has a Cajun uncle.  Uncle Aaron speaks fluent Cajun French and I just love to hear him speak.  Really cool and unlike any other accent around.

This book is a family favorite and when Luke reads it with that Cajun accent, we are delighted.  There is never just one reading, it is requested over and over and over.  I have become quite good at reading it but often have to stop and giggle at how funny I sound.


The classic tale of jolly old St. Nicholas has been transported to a Louisiana bayou.  Santa Claus is now dressed in muskrat from his head to his toes, while his skiff is piled high with toys, and hitched to eight friendly alligators.


It is just … perfect.


So try it out and see if you are not giggling a little by the last word.


Here are the 8 friendly gators.  So very awesome.


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