Friday Ramblings

1.  I never thought there would be a drink that would eclipse my love for Dr. Pepper.  That time has come.

2. Lucas and I hanging out on the front stairs watching the kids play in the street.  (that sounds like good parenting, doesn’t it?!)

3.  What can I say about my husband?  Simply.. he is a good man.  That just says it all.

4.  The thing that makes fall so sad to  me is the death of my plants.  This was once my vibrant and beautiful thyme.  Oh, thyme, how I long for thee again in the spring!

5.  Me and the kids got with others from our church and went door-to-door collecting food to stock the food pantry which opens it’s doors every weekend to give out food to anyone who is in need.  This was my team and we had a blast!

Little Man (standing in the back) got all into the spirit of the receiving.  Whenever they left a house with some food, he would throw his fist in the air and hoop and holler.  It was … inspirational.

6.  Winter in South Carolina usually means rain.  Cold, cold rain.

7.  No not homemade yet.  I will be doing the homemade ones in a few weeks.  But I had an intense craving for Krispy Kreme donuts.  So instead I made these cause I was just too lazy to get in the car and go fulfill my craving.  You may ask.. Why?  Why not just get off your lazy butt and go… (see next picture)

8.  Because..  there were much more important things for me to do yesterday morning.  Lazying in front of the fireplace, coffee in hand and reading.  I have my priorities and leaving my house usually ranks ..well… nowhere on the list.


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