Tattoo or not to tattoo

I’ve wanted a tattoo for almost 20 years.  My one problem was always that I could never figure out what symbol meant so much to me that I would want it permanantly attached to my body. I took my choices very seriously and right before I turned 38 I realized exactly what I wanted.  My decision was made when I knew what was that important to me.

This was my first.

The wedding band and ring that my husband gave me when we were married is beautiful and I love to wear it.  I just sometimes forget to put it on when my mind is racing through all that needs to be done.  I don’t like wearing jewelry to bed or to clean the house so usually I just put on my rings when I am leaving the house.  and well usually I forget.

My husband has made serveral “jokes” about my forgetting to put it on.  There were enough jokes that I realized it bothered him when I was out without my rings.  I had a few ideas about what I wanted on my ring finger and settled on the infinity symbol.  We made a committment to each other when we got married.  We’re in this for the long haul.  I wanted this tattoo to symbolize exactly what I think the long haul is…. eternity… infinity.. for all time.

A month later I was ready for my next tattoo.  The design for this one has been on my heart for a long time but I wanted to wait until we were (pretty) sure we were finished having children before I got it done.

All I knew was I wanted a vine to wrap around my ankle and my childrens’ first initials to be incoorporated into the vine.  The artist drew this out as I was describing what I envisioned  and when he was finished…it was perfect.. exactly what was in my heart.

A couple months after that I got my third tattoo.  This one I actually found on Pinterest and it just stuck with me.   It is a hidden picture.  Let me tell you what I call it and see if you can see what is hidden.  I call it…  Two hearts joined by Christ.  Do you see the cross that is made with the two hearts? ..hint.. the black lines

I am often.. very often.. asked if I plan on getting more.  No plans right now but I am not against having more.  I’m just not sure where I want them.  The three places where mine are were the only places I had ever thought of having them.  So, we’ll see.


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