a challenge was issued

A friend issued a challenge to me a few months back…. okay more like almost six months ago…  I was hoping she would have forgotten…

She challenged me to take pictures of myself and get over this hangup I have about being in a picture by myself.  Just posting that first picture, my heartrate has hit the roof.

But she, being the sweet friend that she is, nagged and nagged and taunted and teased until yesterday I finally succumbed to her torment and grabbed my camera.  (I love you, Sarah.)

What got me through my anxiety was that I knew I could play around and edit them when I was finished and I would choose what got here.

I cropped a lot!

I think now I wore my glasses to hide behind cause rarely do I wear them when hanging out around the house, unless my face is in a book.

It is torture, pure and simple, mental torture.

Okay, now I can hide behind my camera.  The End.. and I don’t think I will ever do this again.  My heartrate is horrendous right about now!


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