White Chili

This is a recipe I picked up from my sister years ago and has become a part of our cold-weather menu.  It is also “award winning” if you count our neighborhood Chili Cookoff where this recipe placed above a dozen others (a few years ago).  Regardless, this is a family favorite and eaten by all my kids.

To feed my family (with leftovers for Luke’s lunch the next day) I have to double the recipe cause it is even better the next day when all those flavors have been just sitting together getting all cozy.

This is one of those recipes that I keep the ingredients on hand at all times cause it is an easy go-to last minute recipe and I have not met anyone who didn’t love it.


2-3 pounds ground turkey

1 onion

24 ounce jar salsa

1 (16 ounce) bag frozen corn

2 (14 ounce) cans Northern white beans

2  1/2 Cups water

16 ounces Monterey Jack Pepper cheese  (Jalopeno Pepper Jack cheese)

sour cream, cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips to top it off

Begin browning your ground turkey in a large pot.  I brown my meat over med-high heat.

Dice up your onion.

Add it to your turkey and stir it up.  Allow this to cook until the turkey is completely done (light brown in color).

I do not drain off the grease or fat that is in here cause there just isn’t enough and well, I like a little fat in my food.  But if you are offended by the grease, drain it right out of there and stick the meat back in the pot.

1 large jar of salsa.. whatever your favorite is.. I like the chunky stuff.  The chunkier the better.

Dump the salsa in the pot.

Stir it up.

Bag of frozen corn.  I do not thaw this cause I just see no reason to.  The original recipe calls for canned corn but I choose frozen over canned anyday.

Drop the corn in the pot. Stir it up.

Drain off two cans of White Beans, whatever you like.  My favs are the Great Northern White Beans and Walmart has that brand so … Yay.

Add the beans.

Stir it up.

It is already looking good and we haven’t even added the best part yet….THE CHEESE!

Add 2  1/2 Cups water to this…more if you want it more soupy and less if you don’t want so much of the soup.  I am an in between kind of girl.

Dice up the pepper cheese.  Oooh, it is gonna get good now.

Almost there…. this chili is about to get what it deserves!


Mix all that cheese in the soup.

Add the lid and let this simmer on low for 30 minutes.

The cheese is melted and has added just the right spice to this chili.

Ladel into the bowls.  Add a little spoonful of sour cream and some grated cheddar cheese to the top.  A little tortilla chips on the side to dip in there and you’ve got yourself a cold weather meal.




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