Hot Apple Cider

This is one of those fall/winter things that I go crazy over.  We will go through gallons of Hot Apple Cider before the season is up and the cider is no longer available.

Super simple and crazy good!


1 gallon apple cider

4 cups Orange, Pineapple, Apple juice

1/2 Cup brown sugar

1/4 Cup lemon juice

2 cinnamon sticks (3 inches long)

Pour cider into a large Crock Pot.

Add the orange, pineapple, apple juice.

1/2 Cup brown sugar

Juice of one lemon = about 1/4 cup lemon juice

I have added the bottled lemon juice before when I haven’t had a lemon on hand.

2 cinnamon sticks

Add the cinnamon sticks and cover the pot.  Turn to low and let that heat for 6-8 hours.  Your home will smell like Christmas!

Curl up by the fire and just inhale, exhale, and sigh.  There isn’t much that can relax me more than this can.


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