This week…

Pumpkin Run..  Got Princess to try running with me for the first time.  She really didn’t enjoy it too much.  Oh well, I won’t give up!

9th grade’s last football game for the season.  Lucas will still work with the varsity and they made state playoffs so still a few more weeks of high school football.

I have a thing against carving my pumpkin too early.  I don’t want it to go bad and rot too quickly but I seem to completely forget to carve it before Halloween. It’s too late to do a spooky face so this is my table center piece for a week or so.

My father-in-law and his friend,  Isabelle smoked some tukeys and pork and invited all the families together and hosted a wonderful cookout.

Those are my two brother-in-laws and my sweet sister-in-law.

I love getting the oppurtunity to play around with all the kids.  Doesn’t happen much unless we get away from the house and my endless to-do list.  We threw balls around and then all the kids entertained us with an improptu talent show with dancing.  So very funny!

The veiw of the sunset is perfect from the football stadium.

And there is just no way I can keep from taking pictures of clouds.

I really do try and ignore them but then I think, “What if they never look like this again?”  And really they never will.

And I really don’t want to ignore them.


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